🇺🇸 Docker. Absolutely new approach to building the project's infrastructure

Hello, my name is Maksim. I’m the founder of SmartProgress and­ participate in Startup Chile, Gen 12. I want to talk about Docker. How we use it for solving problems with different environment of developers, vendor lock and deploy the project on new server.

Also we will be talk about:

  1. Agile methodologies.

  2. web and mobile prototyping tools… Pros and cons and teach how to use one of them… Eg: flinto, marvel, invision etc

  3. Remote sensing (using sensors on airborn or satellite platforms), drones, leveraging Geographic Information Systems are possible.

  4. bitcoin


3 Me gusta

@maxtor Thanks for posting your meetup. It’s very interesting!

Is this going to be presented exclusively in english?

Yes. It’s will be on English.

Hi, what about this? It’s possible repeat this meetup? I’m interested, docker it’s the future now :smile:

docker is an interesting tool. i try myself to master docker and my effort have been futile. maybe someone is suitable to teach us a little more about docker and how integrate with other tools like vagrant

no me importaria hablar sobre vagrant