Encuesta sobre herramientas "Agile"

(Marcello Missiroli) #1

Hello Chilean Agilists,

With this email I invite you to participate in my survey, which is part of an academic research (University of Modena, Bologna and Innopolis). It focuses on which digital tools are the most used and loved by the Agile Community - though it is not limited to that.

This topic is somewhat controversial, often sparkling heated discussions, but as far as I know it’s not been treated systematically so far. Its secondary objective is to verify if there is a significant opinion difference based on linguistical-cultural considerations. Therefore, the survey is available in several languages (possibly more will be added). Please, only respond once and using your mother language (not necessarily the main language of the place you live in). Sorry, I don’t have a Finnish version of the Survey, but if anyone if willing to contribute, please le me know!

http://bit.ly/ES-2f3VDR8 (SPANISH)
http://bit.ly/2grLHFP (ENGLISH)

More information can be found here: :
https://github.com/piffy/Agile Tools/blob/master/README.md

Thank you for your time.